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DEBUT 12" EP from Brooklyn's Chumped. Now in it's third pressing!!!

want to buy the digital album?

First Pressing (OUT OF PRINT)
40 pink/green split color with skull stencil on b side FEST PRESS
260 TOTAL pink/green split color with butteryfly stencil on b side

Second Pressing (OUT OF PRINT) 100 split color greenish black/blue

Third Pressing 200 on glorious good weed/bad weed split colored vinyl!!! (some pics below)

Fourth Pressing ***coming in early 2015!!!!

When you’re friends with some chick who you hang out with or whatever, who then starts dating some other chump and never talks to you ever again. This leaves you sitting there on a cold leather couch in your underwear playing wii, bowling, drinking stale MGD, and wondering where the hell your friends are. Dude…you got chumped. CHUMPED is a female-fronted indie-punk band comprised of four friends from Brooklyn, NY who like to drink and write songs about feelings. Drawing influence from the power pop structure and slacker sensibility of SUPERCHUNK, the poetic substance of JAWBREAKER, along with the urgency and energy of RVIVR, they write songs that are emotive, powerful and catchy as hell. CHUMPED’s Self-Titled EP is the culmination of formative heartbreaks, quarter-life crises, and an acute penchant for being young and dumb. They really look forward to playing a show near you sometime maybe, they guess.