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"All of Chumped’s efforts over the last year have brought them here, to the release of their debut full-length, Teenage Retirement. The band’s carefree-but-dedicated work ethic bleeds through on this record. It maintains everything that makes Chumped great—a commitment to perfectly crafted catchy songwriting powered by a total lack of seriousness, and all underlined by a complete “fuck you” to the concept of adulthood.

On Teenage Retirement, Chumped prove that under their party-friendly exterior, which invites empty beer cans to be thrown at them on stage and mocks the notion of the band's “image,” there is a very honest passion for creating the soundtrack to that party. The four-piece has a rare chemistry that not a lot bands find in this world, or they find it but quickly get too absorbed by their own success and lose it.

If Chumped can hold on to their loveable, bullshit-free exuberance, they could be one of the most popular punk bands around. Maybe then they can pay me back for that fucking pizza." - Dan Ozzi

first pressing: 500 transparent blue OOP
second pressing: 610 clear with blue swirls OOP
third pressing: 550 white with green green

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