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ALR: 030 - Mikey Erg/Anika Pyle(Chumped) split 7"


OUT SEPT 9th!!!

13 - smokey clear
134 - grayish blue
153 - purplish pink
300 - Lime Green (clear)

In July of 2015, while at a studio session for The Rentiers, Mikey Erg and Anika Pyle (Chumped) had a conversation about self doubt and creativity. Continuing to make music can be difficult in the aftermath of criticism or disbandment. They were both feeling a little directionless so Anika suggested they make a pact to create a safe space for sharing songs with each other, to keep creating for the sake of creating. If they sent them to each other, they would have accountability and have somewhere to put them when they were finished. Mikey, being the ambitious rocker that he is, suggested a song a day but they settled on a song a week for the rest of the year.

They ended up writing a full length record each and then some. They encouraged each other, challenged each other and learned from each other and they are both better for it!

This seven inch is comprised of four songs that appear exactly how they exchanged them during their pact. They essentially pulled them straight from voice memo and we pressed them to vinyl. This split is meant to be a celebration of friendship and the triumph of creativity over self doubt. You don't need a studio or a session band or a deadline. Sometimes all you need is a friend. This record will, hopefully, continue to inspire others to make for the sake of making.