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ALR: 018 Permanent Bastards "Young Girls" 7" (EXCLUSIVE COLOR)


We have an exclusive color limited to 100 copies!!!

Hockey, Curling, Permanent Bastards, Mullets, Health Care. What?

Toronto’s Permanent Bastards brand spankin’ new 3 song 7” entitled “Young Girls” is sure to get that basement party started, along with some Molson that is! Soothing gruff punk rock that is too infectious not to be loved by all. That stallion Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners) filled in on the mic. Think Tom Petty meets Reinventing Axel Rose era Against Me!. The guys will be touring extensively through 2011-2012 including appearances at the FEST, Pouzza Fest, NXNE, not to mention...your mom’s basement and dad’s garage.


1. Constance

2. Bloody Mary

3. Bon Voyage