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ALR 025 The Art Of Arrogance - Sainte Catherines (REISSUE)

Image of ALR 025 The Art Of Arrogance - Sainte Catherines (REISSUE)


Do you remember your first punk albums? Albums that influenced you when you were a teenager? The ones that you ended up reading all the lyrics, and then, your life was suddenly meaning something different because of them? These albums that made you feel like leaving home and protest against everything that pissed you off? If there is a ton of albums in the world that fit this profile, there is not a whole lot from Québec. One of these albums is without hesitation The Art Of Arrogance. From the motorbike noises to Bush's speech, this album pushed us off our boundaries so many times. The art of arrogance, we saw it like a way of life that we were already cherishing, but in the form of a music album, it was pretty much summing all our bad moments and the anger that we had against conformists and politicians. It's been already 10 years since the album came out and it is still an excellent one to start a wild night in Montreal. Perhaps we can now rephrase... Montreal can bleed again! All that to say, we are really happy to announce the repressing of one of the most cult album coming out of the punk rock Quebec scene. In collaboration with Housebreaker (Canada), Anchorless Records (USA) and Flix Records (Europe), a repress of 500 vinyls will see the day on December 10th.