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“What’s a greenhorn? Well, it can be a lot of things. If you’re an idiot, the word greenhorn could mean a horn that’s literally green, but you’re smart, so you know just like I do that greenhorn is what grizzled, jaded old veterans call rookies and newcomers to whatever ecosystem of expertise they exist in.
In this particular case, we’re talking about music. The grizzled, jaded veterans in question are Roger Lima of Less than Jake fame, and Jen Vito of NoMore. Both fixtures in the Gainesville scene, they’ve been kicking around for years, taking their respective takes on the central Florida sound all over the world.
Enter Sterlo, a dude that this writer had never heard of until he was described by Roger as having ‘a stockpile of riffs.’ That’s a lot of riffs, and they were apparently good enough to get Jen and Roger inspired, and back into various basement studios and practice spaces to do what they started doing back way when Gary Coleman was still alive—creating songs for the love of the music, practicing, jamming, working parts out, not because it was part of their expected sound or itinerary, but because it was more fun to do than to not do.
The end result is I Want More, a six song ep of no bullshit, dependable, hearty pop-punk, served up Gainesville style with Jen and Roger sharing vocal duties like a modern day Sonny and Cher.
Will Greenhorn tour? Bloody unlikely. BUT, I Want More is a great reminder that a little bit of unexpected inspiration can bring the veterans and the Greenhorns together to shake up an old formula and make something new and awesome in the process.”

1st pressing
500 half baby blue/half baby pink w/easter yellow splatter

if you live in the UK you can pick up a copy of the UK version here